Facials for ladies and gentlemen

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A skin analysis is done to identify skin type and problems of the skin.
With the exception of the mini facial, all skin treatments come
with a neck and arm massage.

We proudly use 100% Pure cretifed Organic Products From Shir-Organic including Sea weed,Oasis,Solar Energy,
Chamomile Azulene,Wheat Cream,Collagen Elastin,Boto-Derm Rx,Omega 3 Cream and Shir-Rdaiance!

Womens Facial

Mini Facial 55
Quick,effective facial for those on the go! features One Organic mask (Puere Red Lava Mineral Mask for oily/Acne-Prone Skin) or (Pure Mango Butter Mask
for NOrmal/Dry/Sesetive/Mature Skin) to nourish and rejuvenate the skin with high amounts of ANTIOXIDANTS !
30 Minutes!

Signature 110
Hydrating 100% Organic Shir-Organic Pure Sugarcane Microderm Peel /facial scrub prepping the skin to fully receive the benefits from Shir Organic
masque to deep clean, firm, soften and moisturize ending with Shir Organic Pure Eucalyptus / Omega 3 firming Serum and massage
60 mi

Acne Treatment Facial 99
The Acne facial addresses the primary concern of acneic clients, bacteria control, excessive oil production and gentile exfoliation.
Using 100% Organic Pure Pomegranate & Seaweed / Shir Radiance Corrective RX Balancing Cleanser,Shir Radiance Corrective RX Salicylic / Pure Organic Green Tea
Toner,Pure Red Lava Mineral Mask and Shir Radiance Corrective RX Advanced Therapeutic Moisturizer featuring Shir Radiance Corrective RX Clarifying Serum!
60 Minutes!

Defined Design Woman 130

Anti-aging/anti-oxidant skin treatment This two in one treatment using 100% Organic Pure AHA Treatment Scrub peel to penetrate deeper into the epidermal
layer promoting cell turnover, Our Pure Mngo Butter Mask(masque) replenishing the skin with Vitamins A,C,E and F and powerful alpha lopic acid
75 min

Skin Care Enhancements

100% Organic Cucumber Eye Treatment 20
Excellent for reducing puffiness while brightening and simultaneously
restoring vitality to the delicate skin around your eyes.

Organic Lip Treatment 15
An excellent treatment that will exfoliate, plump and hydrate lips.

Neck and Décolleté Peel 20
Show off your décolleté with this amazing organic treatment!

Pure Oil Control Eucalyptus Serum 10
Add this 100% Organic Eucalyptus serum to your facial for oily skins!

Gents Facial

Mini facial 45
This quick mini facial takes care of the common skin needs for the man on the go. No extractions. No massage!
25 min

Signature 75
lemongrass influenced anti-stress skin treatment, targets the needs of the male persuasion using skin products
specifically for him with special focus on the beard line.
60 min

Kojax 85
For bald men
This hairless head and skin treatment is designed to treat his skin from face to the back of the bottom of the head.
Exfoliating thoroughly to even all over tone and calming the skin with a Pure Organic masque this includes a face and scalp massage that will bring
relief and ease to the mind.
60 min

Bringing sexy back 85
This back treatment is not only very relaxing but will leave your back squeaky clean, extractions as needed a 10 minute back massage,
the back masque comes with your choice of pressure point for legs and feet or scalp massage
60 min

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